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doubleshotwatson ):

Harry sighed and ran a hand over her face. “Who are you?” she asked softly and thought about it. She didn’t say anything for a long time. Allowing her brain to slow down. “You are my best friend, a great Aunt. A loving fiancee. So what if you don’t kill anymore? You’re a natural at the security feed,” she said chuckling remembering when Chey had started out helping her in the second month of pregnancy. She’d flowed with it, doing each task as though it was just common sense. “Killing might be a huge part of your identity yes, but no it’s not your whole identity.” She said finally placing a hand slowly on Chey’s shoulder. “You are so much more than your job.” 

"Then they can wait till later," she said reaching for Chey’s hand. "Let’s get you out of here."  

She was right, so right, and Chey knew that. But her head hurt, she hurt, and all she wanted to do was cry and scream and kill until she couldn’t kill any more. But even then the feeling was growing old, the kick gone, and where was she left? She sighed shakily, tightening the grip on her knees. 

"I’ll drive myself home. I can’t leave my car here."

belgravianwitch ):

When Sunday rolled around, as it is wont to do, Chey
was delivered the key to Irene’s estate. Quite how The
Woman knew where she lived seemed a mystery in 
itself, but she’d had the decency to send her a car so
that she might travel in style.

The house was large, cavernous even, but still there was
a welcoming feel to it. Sitting in the reception area was a 
pretty young redhead, immersed in a thick book. Glancing
up only when the blonde cleared her throat, she sighed.

"Oh. You must be Chantalle, right? Ms. Adler said to expect

Though it should have worried her that she knew where
her apartment was, really, Chey didn’t care all that much.
Far too many of the wrong kind of people knew, and there
was no point in trying to change it now. 

To say now that she was walking up to her new home though,
was strange, but she refused to think of it like that. It was just
a set-up, convenient until whenever her employment was up.

Not exactly a friendly welcoming though, but Cheyanne

"She is expecting a Chantalle?
I’ll just turn around then.”

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Baby RP Starters!

  • "I've looked up things about your symptoms.. Are you pregnant?"
  • "You.. You're pregnant?!"
  • "I'm gonna be a dad.. I'm going to be a dad!"
  • "I would never leave you.. I'm so excited for this baby."
  • "As the aunt/uncle of this baby, it is my right to spoil it."
  • "___ You two are not ready to have a baby, I can't believe it."
  • "Who's the spawn of satan? You are!"
  • "Either that was a really bad cramp, or I'm having contractions."
  • "Don't be mad at me but... I think I might be pregnant.."
  • "You know how you said you've always wanted a family? Well.. now we have that chance. I'm pregnant!"
  • "The protection didn't work, okay?! Now we're having a baby!"
  • "We.. We can't have a baby! Are you kidding me?!"
  • "Look at him/her.. She's perfect."
  • "If that stupid doctor tells me one more hour, i'm going to kill them!"
  • "Well I think you just broke my hand.."
  • "I lost the baby."
  • "We.. We lost the baby?"
  • "He left me when I told him..."
  • "What about adoption?"
  • "I went to the doctor.. and... well.. I don't know how to say this.."
  • "That one night stand was the biggest mistake of our lives.."
  • "I'm pregnant and I have no idea who the father is."
  • "I'm scared, ____! I don't know how to raise a baby!"
  • "What if they don't want the baby, and leave me?"
  • "The baby kicked!"
  • "It's really hard to cuddle with you when i'm this fat.."
  • "I'm so helpless and fat, I hate being pregnant."
  • "For the last time, you're not fat. You're pregnant."
  • "I hate you for doing this to me.."
  • "You're in labor?!"
  • "You alright? Is something wrong with the baby?"
  • "Shit.. hospital.. hospital now..!"
  • "It's a boy/girl."
  • "I want to name them ______"

pumpkingxfcrime ):


❝Yes, his incentive!❞

How could she not see the danger?
Each and every person on the planet
has a breaking point, and it was a
great part of Jim’s work to know them
before his competitors did. He didn’t
use them quite as freely as certain
others did, but Jim needed them still.

She was one.

With a face like hers, there was a
chance she was the needed pressure
point for others than the Jim’s sniper,
but that connection was the only one
that was any value to the criminal.

❝And for as long as he is in the
business, whatever threat he might
bring is my business. Currently,
Sebastian Moran’s work is just barely
worth his own head, but only his.
You’ll need to save your own.❞

"I know exactly what you are hinting at,
but let me tell you now - I will not give up
our relationship, and neither will he. So
we will just have to work around the dangers.”

Of course she knew that their personal
life could be used against them - hell,
she had been in the firing line of that
plenty of times already. But he didn’t
need to know that. 

"I do not need anyone to save me, I am
perfectly capable of looking after myself.”

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"I’m not that scary, am I?”


"Maybe in the mornings, but I shan’t comment on that further.”