Thinking of curling up in bed and watching Dexter when I get home. Feel so crap /:

a cup of tea fixes everything;


There was something mildly entertaining in the way she picked up on him, for if there wasn’t, she would have lost the ability to speak by now. Besides, they were friends. Or so she had phrased it. He could never grasp the concept of those, having had only one or two over the centuries. As for Cheyanne - she was an acquaintance, of sort. Maybe even something more.

"Sure." Despite the realisation that he was being tested, Klaus fulfilled her request. Even though it took him twenty minutes to do so. And, he might have made a mess trying to find the pyjamas, the cleaning of which would most definitely fall on her. But, it wasn’t his fault that he had no knowledge of where she kept her belongings.

Apart from the actual delivery, his other hand was occupied by a crystal glass, which he set on the table to retrieve a bottle of whiskey from underneath it. If he was going to be babysitting, he’d have to be at least the slightest bit intoxicated. “Would you like to take more advantage of this situation while we’re at it?” Cue the raise of a brow as he moved closer, offering the pyjamas for Chey to take.

A few of her other friends knew Klaus, knew of him certainly, and always questioned why she was friends with him, let alone lived wit him. But, she did like him, finding him to always deliver the right level of bluntness she needed in day-to-day life. It was easy to talk to him without having to worry about offending, so yeah, he was ‘alright’

She may have dozed off at some point while he went to hunt for her pyjamas. It was a nice little nap, anyway, even if she did wake up feeling hot and sweaty and gross. The blood was sticking to her now, and that was just disgusting, but she was used to it by now. At least she was spending the night at home, and not some bar. Honestly, it made her sound like such a slag sometimes. 

Sitting up a little dazed, she stood up, and took the pyjamas, finding her balance on her feet and beginning to strip off. She had no need to excuse herself, figuring he’d seen it all before anyway, given her penchant for not shutting doors. “That sounds like a flirtation, watch it. Don’t flatter yourself too much while I’m vulnerable.” At least the dirty tops were gone now, as she pulled on the crisp pyjama one. Next, she worked at the bottoms, pulling them off roughly as they clung to her skinny legs. “Can you go and make me some dinner? Some soup or something.”

I am an adult I say as I sit in my underwear at nearly 4pm, eating granola and listening to susan boyle wtf

"I ain’t no squirrel, and yeah, I can talk! Got a problem?!”


"No, but clearly you do."

( open. )


"Alright, I’ll keep that in mind ─ pervert for one day."


"Are you sure? Because I’ll come back if I don’t get one and you will pay for the lie!"

"Weyhey - if I see you on Tuesday now,
I’ll know something is up.”

"Y’think I’d lie to ya’?"


"Alright then. So tell me, how have you been?" she asked in a more friendlier tone.

"Smashing. Busy. Fabulous. But you already knew all of that."

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ik my mum had to do it differently bc me and my brother werent 18 yet but maybe you’re okay cause you are 18? 

like we got the card through months ago to register and I was on it I just hope we sent it back???

So close to Thirty


Harry handed her a cut of cake that was huge and very generous. “I’ve honestly been playing with Laurel and taking care of the cafe’s finances.” She shrugged and looked at Chey. “How about you?”

Chey shrugged, taking the cake with a smile. “Work. I’m going to be spending a month in Germany soon, so that’ll be good.”




" Miss Knight I presume? I must say, darling…you’re a little late. “

"Anyone who runs to a time in this city is a fool. I’m here, aren’t I?"