Your Birthday Was Just Early


There was more giggling from the brunette, and she handed over the cupcake, letting Chey decide if she was going to stuff her face now, save it for later, or take in the car. Not that Cecelia was waiting for her, she was already moving down the stairs, looking back with a grin.

"I know, I am, the best friend in the world. I deserve awards. Grab you vodka! I mean water!!” She has plans to be drinking beer all weekend, or cider, she is a big cider fan, and it didn’t get her drunk too quickly.

It was a shiny black Fiat 500 that Cecelia had rented for the weekend. She hardly needed a car in New York and she couldn’t bring one over in her carry on luggage even if she had one, could she? 

On the list of options, Chey chose to take it with her in the car ( though of course, not before picking up the bottles of ‘water’ ). Still excited, she followed her out, locking the door behind her and going straight ahead to let herself into the car.

"Maybe. If I survive this trip, then maybe you’ll get a reward," she teased, winking up at her.

Your Birthday Was Just Early


Cecelia gives a small gasp of fake shock, and shakes her head. “Cheyanne Knight, I’ll have you know your birthday is the most important day in my calender, and I only pretended to forget your birthday so when I came back to London and whisked you away, you’d be totally surprised.” It sounds like a believable story, but she’s using that voice where is sounds like it’s all a lie. It’s possibly all a lie.

Her own sunglasses were pushed up, pushing hair out the way, and showing off her small but still very beautiful engagement ring. Chey is not the only bride on the house. Or apartment building. And even though this day is going to be about the late-birthday girl, it wouldn’t be very Cecelia if there wasn’t a little bit of attention on her. 

"I was hoping Biffy Clyro and The Killers headlining would make up for it," she sounded serious this time, offering the cupcake. "Make a wish."

Chey was already shaking her head, but still laughing. “Cecelia Holmes, you are one of the shittest liars I know - and I work with some pretty shitty spies - but I’ll let you off because your hair is nice and you brought me cake.”

Chey did catch sight of the ring, and made a note to mention it later. Her engagement ring was still on her finger, something she didn’t feel complete without any more. Aw, love

"Okay, so definitely a festival — Cee, I love you?!" she grinned, and blew out the candle, making a small wish in her head. 

Your Birthday Was Just Early


// mostdangerousladyinlondon

Cecelia actually didn’t forget Chey’s birthday. And not in a she did forget but she’s going to pretend she didn’t way, the alarm went off on her phone to tell her it was the hitwoman’s birthday so she was reminded!!! And she has the most perfect gift ever, which she actually got, thinking of Chey. But now she can take Cheyanne, for her birthday. Even though it’s a little late. But festivals do not revolve around Cheyanne’s birthday so she’ll just have to suck that up. 

Black dress with flowers, red Hunter wellies (which match with the red flowers on her dress) and a heavy, green, farmer style jacket she’s had since the beginning of time, Cecelia knocks on the blondes door, cupcake with a single candle at the ready.

So her birthday had been gone now by, what, four days? Maybe three, she honestly didn’t care to keep count. Though she would never admit it, she had had a lovely day, but was okay enough to carry on with her ageing life now. Some odd belated messages were fine, but Chey didn’t actually expect to see a certain someone back…

Through the texts, she dressed herself up appropriately - black wellies, ripped denim shorts, slouchy top and all of the layered jewellery you could imagine. It worked though, and she skipped up to the door with her sunglasses over her eyes. 

"You totally missed my birthday, didn’t you? Is this you feeling guilty now?" She was teasing, and giggled.  

[ text ; fluffy ] i mean vodka but in a water bottle

( text : ceecee ) I got your back bro

[ text ; fluffy ] put on wellies and something festively. but im not giving you any hints to where we're doing. not a festival. at all. bring water.

( text : ceecee ) you totally mean vodka

[ text ; fluffy ] oi, you in? and free for the next two days

( text : ceecee ) aye ayeeeee !

So close to Thirty


Harry laughed and kissed her baby as she laid Laurel into the bayonet. Looking around at the nursery she smiled and nodded to her best friend. “it is.” she whispered as she ushered Chey back downstairs. Once they were downstairs she sighed happily and looked at her best friend. “Cake?” she asked a glint in her eye. 

Chey nodded at the offer of cake, sitting in her usual seat across from Harry. “Been busy then?” she smirked. 

It’s coming the Baby’s coming.


Harry smiled down at Laurel and sighed happily. She read three books and then the nurse took Laurel for some tests. She waited and let a sigh of relief when Laurel was safe in her arms. Once Laurel was asleep and in her little crib she grew tense. While Laurel napped, Harry flipped through her favorite cooking magazine. “I would kill for some Indian.” she mumbled to herself. 

Chey returned in just under two hours, having got herself stuck in a phonecall and rearranging jobs. She was taking the day off, fuck ‘em. Finding her way back to the room she knocked on her way in. “Hey.”