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Considering they just tried to assassinate the Napoleon of Crime, one could have hoped for someone more capable. It was almost an insulting that they failed in so many aspects. Well, they would receive their response rather quickly.

"I probably should send them a bill. They did not only ruin the windows, more importantly, that fine suit," he sighed as he accepted whatever she did to check up on his wound. Despite the jokes, he was likely not only thinking about his revenge, but also how to take care of this nasty injury. Hospital? Not a very good idea. He would be quite a easy target there.

"The more I move, the worse it’s going to be. I vote to call my trusted man in medical emergencies," and while he voiced his thoughts, he already reached for his mobile phone to call for the Doctor who usually took care of Moriarty’s employees.

If the situation had been appropriate, she would have laughed. Was this the standard of ‘killers’ she was up against now? Hardly anything to worry about on her end, certainly. 

"Give me an hour, I’ll be able to track the bastard down. Scare ‘em a bit, have a little fun, y’know? I’ll do it, without your say or not." She chanced a smirk, content that she had at least staved the bleeding for now.

"Do I know him?" Probably not. She hardly ever relented to medical help, and tried to stay out of her boss’ business and private contacts. 

Your Birthday Was Just Early


"Oh, course," she laughed, then offered up her hand. It wasn’t big, in fact it was small. Cecelia had had her fair share of engagement rings in the past, and this was the smallest for sure, but it was also the very best. She pulled it off to show Chey the inscription, ‘ditto’.

"It’s like… an inside joke, I told him I loved him and he said ditto and I was just teasing saying, that it wasn’t very romantic and it kinda… become a thing." You can hear the happiness in her voice, see it in her face!! 

Chey eyed the ring with a real smile, even laughing when she read the inscription. It was beautiful though, delicate, and it suited Cee, definitely. 

"Aw Cee! You need to tell me all about him! God you’re so in love, it’s nearly sickening, I can totally see it!" she giggled, teasing her still. 

HP AU. Cakes and Potions


Harry rolled her eyes and stood and followed Chey out of the potions classroom. “Fine I will attempt to restrain myself from punching anyone.” She said smiling as she headed for the stairs that led up out of the dungeons. “I’ll wear whatever I want. The guys already think I’m a whore so it doesn’t matter much what I wear.” She grumbled as she jinxed Chey’s hair Slytherin emerald.

Harry was wearing a simple black romper with gold flats and a red coral necklace as she waited at the assigned door for her best friend to show up. She’d almost been placed int Slytherin but due to the Sorting Hats uncanny knowledge of current events she’d been placed in Gryffindor. Checking her watch she looked around. “Come on Chey.”  

Chey was well ahead of her, her laughs carrying down through the corridors. They were the polar opposites of each other, but somehow the friendship worked. Even if they were a little crazy.

A little later than arranged, Chey turned up at their meeting spot, dressed in a skimpy black dress, all leather and lace, with her blight blonde tresses as a stark contrast. She was a Slytherin girl, totally, but happily joined her arm with Harry’s to surprise her. “Hello! Ready to go?”

a cup of tea fixes everything;


Although this wasn’t something he hadn’t seen before, his gaze did wander in Cheyanne’s direction while he poured whiskey in his glass, a mischievous smirk curving his lips at her response. “Oh, don’t fret. You are not my type.” Not entirely true, but she needn’t be familiar with this little tidbit.

Just when he thought that her requests had come to an end, she voiced another one. It was things like this that made him regret opening his mouth, albeit jokingly. “Now, you are overstepping your boundaries.” The raised glass lingered over his lips, Klaus downed the liquid, enjoying the temporary burn before returning to his state of pensive silence. He could have easily brushed her off, or told her to get a maid. Or, he could charge her for his services just as easily. “— fine, I’ll do it. But you owe me, and I will collect. Double.”

Once ready, the Original made his way back to her, a bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other. He moved to where she lay and, not particularly careful to maintain her comfort, sat on the edge. Now, his cooking skills were not impressive — there was no reason for them to be, considering his main subsistence had been blood. And, when he did indulge in a meal other than blood, it was always made for him. So, she had no other choice but to eat this somewhat decently made chicken soup. Preferably without commenting on the taste. “You’d better cherish those moments of momentary insanity, because it’s not happening again.”

I’m sure,” she laughed, sniggered more like, as she collapsed into a curled up mess on the sofa again. Right now she did not care about the world, didn’t even care about her work. All she wanted was sleep. Maybe with a dash of whiskey.

"Charging a sick woman. You really are a sneaky bastard, ‘eh?" But there was amusement in her voice, even a little tease, as she peaked a blue eye out from her bundle of blankets. Maybe she could take over the whole living room, have the sofa as her little nest, his chair for her supplies. That’d really piss him off, ha. But then again, she didn’t want to annoy him too much, especially after that incident with the sketchbook. 

He was taking his time with the soup, and she was thankful for that, giving that she could have a little doze in between his exits and entrances. No part of her actually expected him to make the food for her, so it was a pleasant surprise when he turned up again with something - surprisingly - edible. She sat up sleepily, taking the bowl and spoon, and sipping it slowly. “Or I could just keep abusing the position and you can feel sorry for me-” she replied with a smirk, glancing up at him. “-but thank you.”

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