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Text: Imagining you having a gossip with a cat is much more entertaining. 

Text: Did you find out the meaning of life from your feline friend?

[text;—] I do it more than I’d like to admit.

[text;—] Of course, why else would you talk to a cat?

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[text ;— ] I would say something really witty to start this conversation usually, but today is not one of those days.

[text ;— ] I think I’m going mad. I started talking to the neighbour’s cat earlier.

[text ;— ] It was thought-provoking, I’ll tell ya’.

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[ Someone do a little text thread with me? If I post an open? Just don’t want to lose Chey’s muse ] 

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Taylor Momsen; Endless List of Favourites

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[ Idk, my head is completely crazy right now because of school, exams, the show I’m in and everything else. I mean, I finish school on Monday??? That’s insane. What I’m saying is that I think I need to take a break from here - not a hiatus or anything, I’ll still be here lurking, but I think I need to take a little time and get myself together. Like, gAH. I love you all though, and can’t wait to be back properly! :) ] 

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[ No replies from me tonight, sorry! Got to leave for rehearsal in half an hour, there until 10pm but got to stop off at tesco or something on the way home to get some shopping. Check me being all adult-like and responsible, huh? I’ll get to things tomorrow! ]

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[ Thank fuck. Both dissertations are done and handed in. What a relief ] 

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Alessia missed being this lazy, but actually working for a change was proving to be rewarding. The bar was coming along really well! “Things have been…” Shit, terrible, bad— “—good. Work has taken up most of my time really so I haven’t been able to do much. This is the first time I’ve sat down in months I swear.” She grins. “I’m glad you’ve been great though. How’s the wedding planning going?”

Almost straight away, with the question Chey could tell that something was up with her. She looked curiously at her, but nevertheless let it slide for now. They were here to laze around and relax, she could quiz her about it later… maybe. “Yeah, they’re going great! We’ve picked the venue already - miraculously without arguing - and I’m pretty much settled on a dress,” she grinned, excitedly twirling her hands together. “Also got my friend Harry working on the cake, and since you’re here I can show you everything we’ve picked so far!” Just then though, another thought cropped up into her head, shown by her eyes brightening. “Oh! This is perfect, actually, because I have something to ask you ;—- will you be one of my bridesmaids?” 

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"Oh however did you get through the day?" She retorted, her famous sarcastic tone running through her voice. Although this time it was used jokingly. She kicked off her studded Louboutin heels and brought her feet up onto the couch—making herself at home like usual. "It’s good to see you too. So apart from overdosing on terrible television shows and food, how’ve you been?"

Chey shrugged, shaking her head jokingly. “Lord knows… y’know, sometimes this lazing around just catches up on you.” Really though, she hardly ever got time off like this, so when she did she really went for relaxing. “I’ve been great! Working a lot, as usual, but things have still been great. What about you? I haven’t seen you for a while.”

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I said no hospital ;;


Harry smiled and nodded as her best friend commented about the cold shower. “I think that you’d be fine taking a shower in the morning, I can wrap your stitches in plastic wrap. Smiling she looked at her best friend she ate the biscuit. She was tired and looking at her best friend she nodded and had to blink to stay awake. 

Smiling she raised an eyebrow. “You have, what style are you looking at?” she asked looking at her best friend. She was excited to help Chey either think ideas with her dress or anything else for her party. Smiling at her best friend she leaned back and rubbed her belly. “Tell me more,” she said wiggling her eyebrows. 

Chey chanced a tiny smile and nodded, taking another careful bite out of her food. Now she was here with it it was quite appetising, but she just had to take it slowly. “That would be good, thanks. It’ll help me feel better.” She was also not feeling as much pain now, but maybe she was just getting used to it.

Talk about the wedding though lifted her mood, and a natural smile found its way to her expression. “Nothing too big, y’know? Quite slim, but definitely long, and with delicate lacing. It’s a one of a kind thing so I haven’t got a photo, but when I’m better I’ll need to take you to see it?”

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