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"Hey there! I’m Zoey. Are you, uh, here to see the show? If so I’m in the band! But, it you are you probably already knew that, ‘eh? I don’t know why they make me do this greeting, I’m useless. Anyway, the bar is over there to the left if you want a drink, enjoy yourself, yeah?"

Name : Zoey Munroe
FC: Lzzy Hale

man I loved her.

Send me a ✧ and I’ll introduce you to one of all the muses I ever had.

It’s coming the Baby’s coming.


Harry woke up alone and scrambled up to a sitting position. For a few seconds she couldn’t process where she was. They she processed that Chey and Laurel were gone. Taking a few deep breaths she looked around. “Chey?” she called hoping she’d be just outside. Not knowing where her baby and her best friend where freaked her out. 

She had began to get uncomfortable on the bed and had moved to sit by the window, looking up when Harry startled. “Harry? You alright?” she called over, still holding Laurel in her arms. 

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It’s coming the Baby’s coming.


Harry sighed and smiled gently she’d been mama bird for the past seven years to Chey. She knew her better than Chey sometimes knew herself. She knew that Chey had issues with kids but she knew that Chey was going to be fine. “You won’t fail anyone, you’re gonna be the best aunt and godmother in the world.” she said smiling as she drifted asleep. 

Chey didn’t say anything, only smiled sincerely as she watched Harry drift off, before returning her attention right back to Laurel. Harry was right, she’d be fine. They’d all be fine. 

It’s coming the Baby’s coming.


Harry nodded and smiled at Chey. “Hey, hey this is gonna be fine; you are going to be great.” She said smiling at her best friend. “Laurel isn’t Kali and you aren’t alone in this,” she said leaning up slowly to kiss Chey’s nose. “I’m trusting you to keep watch, I’m bloody knackered.” She said yawning for a third time.  

Just hearing her name made her visibly tense, but she shook it off. That was long ago now, even if it still hurt. “I know. I just don’t want to fail her, y’know?” Chey answered, looking down at the sleeping baby and rocking her gently. “Good. Get some sleep then,” she giggled.

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i said i didn’t need his stupid money i have vodka then i drank from the big bottle to prove a point now he says im a drunk 

…. you’re making it hard for me to respect you.