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.:Nightwish Drabble Prompts:. *Reblog as Text*

Wanderlust :- Write about your character travelling for the first time and visiting the one place they’ve always wanted to go.

Dead Boy’s Poem :- Write about a time your character felt at their lowest in life, when everything around them seemed to have failed at their hands.

Nemo :- Write about your character and loneliness - what they do to pass their time and how it effects them.

I Want My Tears Back :- Write about your character during childhood and their fondest memory.

The Poet And The Pendulum :- Write about your character being used and manipulated by another. Asker decides who other character is. 

Bye Bye Beautiful :- Write about your character finally giving up and saying goodbye to a cheating lover. 

While Your Lips Are Still Red :- Write about your character falling in love at ‘first sight’ but simply admiring the other from afar, too shy to make the first move. 

The Islander :- Write about your character visiting an old place for the first time in years. A place from their childhood, where they had their first kiss, just somewhere where they were once happy. 

Turn Loose The Mermaids :- Write about your character letting go of something or someone close to them. 

Wish I Had An Angel :- Write about the one thing your character wishes they had and would do anything for .. emphasis on the anything.

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